Two Brothers

Jonah is going on five months and we are finally starting to hit a stride around here. While there are still several days where I end up collapsing in bed when the day is over, I feel like there are more days now where I sit back and can say, “This isn’t so bad. Maybe I can handle having two kids…”

I think what’s making it so much easier, is watching these two interact. Watching their bond start to grow and develop…


Jonah idolizes his big brother. He loves him to pieces. He sits all day, every day and just watches him. He’s reaching the point now where he can interact and “play” a bit. Noah gets his toys out and sits with him on the floor to play. They eat breakfast together every morning, they watch cartoons together, they talk and interact. It’s heartwarming and makes me love the fact that I have two boys even more. There are so many times during the day where Jonah only wants his brother…times when Noah is the only person that can calm him down when he’s cranky and make him feel better when he’s fussing.

Puddles-&-Brothers-7 Puddles-&-Brothers-9 Puddles-&-Brothers-10 Puddles-&-Brothers-11 Puddles-&-Brothers-12 Puddles-&-Brothers-13
There are days where I hang my hand and want to run and hide under the blankets until bedtime…

but most days?

I’m just happy that I get to spend my days with them




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    Beautoful boys! I’m glad to hear that you’re hitting a good stride with mommying two! Abbey says “Who are those cute little boys!? That’s a nice picture.”

    I explained that we’ll get to meet you and your boys this summer when we move to Kodiak and she ran away sqeeeeeee-ing. LOL! And then she said “I hope she has a big GIRL too – named Merida. With red hair, but no sword!”

    Ah. . . . motherhood. I think it was around 5 months after I had Joe that I thought we hit a good place, too. And then the silly bears turn it all topsy turvy again! :) They’re only little for a short time, so I try to enjoy it!

    But I find myself hiding under the covers oftentimes, too :)
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