So…I’m still here…

What’s it been? Almost two months since I wrote a post?

Time goes quick, doesn’t it?

Whole lotta things happened in two months.

Jonah turned 6 months old. Then 7 months a few days ago. We went on vacation to Alabama. Our first trip off of this island in 2.5 years. Noah finished his first year of preschool and is home with me for the summer right now. I upgraded my camera. I applied to CM Pro (and was denied…but more on that later). I shot lots and lots and lots of photos. I started a new blog/website for my photography and graphic design information and portfolios.

I took a few workshops on Clickin Moms. I bought a new camera bag. I lost 10 pounds. Jonah sprouted (is that even the right word?) four teeth. Noah finished learning all of his ABC’s, his colors, his shapes and most of his numbers. He also took up an insane interest in dinosaurs. Josh took his first class service wide exam with the Coast Guard and kicked absolute butt.

I had hoped that when I became a mom of two that my free time wouldn’t dwindle. I was (obviously and ignorantly) wrong. Things are just…busy.

Between working full time, taking care of two kids, attempting to keep my house from falling apart around me and just life in general, I don’t have much free time.

Blogging just doesn’t fit into my life like it used to. Lots of things have changed in my life since  I started this blog because I was lonely and pregnant living in Florida with no friends. We were so far from family and I didn’t know anyone. I was home alone with a newborn while my husband worked long hours.

Now? I’m much more secure in who I am as a mother and as a wife. We’ve got a few really wonderful friends around us now to keep me sane. I have a job that completes me and fulfills me in ways that I never imaged possible. I truly love what I do and couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my time.

While I won’t ever give up my blog or quit writing, it just isn’t my top priority any more. I am going to make much more of an effort to keep this site updated, if for nothing more than to share my ever growing photo collection of my two cute kiddos.

That said…here’s a peek into our vacation:

Atlanta-3 Atlanta-5 Atlanta-6 Atlanta-7 Atlanta-14 Atlanta-18 Atlanta-20 Atlanta-21 Atlanta-PC-1 Atlanta-PC-2 Atlanta-PC-3 Atlanta-PC-4 Atlanta-PC-8 Atlanta-PC-10 Atlanta-PC-13 Atlanta-PC-17 Atlanta-PC-18 Atlanta-PC-19 Atlanta-PC-20 Atlanta-PC-21 Atlanta-PC-24 Atlanta-PC-28 Atlanta-PC-31 Atlanta-PC-32 Atlanta-PC-36 Atlanta-PC-38 Atlanta-PC-46 Friday-3 Friday-4 Friday-7 Golfing-3 Golfing-5 Superman-Rain-4 Superman-Rain-8 Superman-Rain-11 Superman-Rain-24 Superman-Rain-25 Superman-Rain-29 Superman-Rain-34 Thursday-3



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    I can be very difficult to get a good work / life balance. Something you just have to stay up late and smash out the work. I have found this strategy works best for me.


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    Glad to see your enjoyed your vacation! I see you went to Altanta as well! I love going there! We took our son to the Coke Factory. We took him to the Aquarium too! He was so tired by the time that day was over. But I’m glad you guys got some time away from Alaska and spent some time as a family together.

  3. says

    Good to see you back and glad to hear that everything is well, and that you’ve had a fabulous 2 months. Great photos as always.

    • says

      Thanks Alison! One day maybe I will figure out how to balance everything so I can actually blog again (frequently) and catch up with the goings on of the interewebs. 🙂

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