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I am a BIG dork when it comes to the New Year. I hate the word “resolution” because it simply implies that you are writing down (if you even write them down) some goals for the year…only to get two weeks into them and throw in the towel.

I don’t make resolutions. I set goals. Brainstorm new ideas and plan out new adventures that I can take or that we can take as a family.

Last year, I set some pretty lofty goals including finishing my novel and reading 52 books in a year. Needless to say, I am only about 60ish pages into a story that I’ve had in my head for ages and I only read about 12 books (three of them being The Hunger Games Trilogy and three more being 50 Shades of Grey…). I did grow and expand my business like I had hoped and I did upgrade my camera. So, I hit half of the goals that I set for myself.

I started planning and brainstorming new goals for 2013 long before the year was actually over. While I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be a New Year to set new goals, there is something sparkly and shiny about the first day of the first month of a brand new year. Something that makes me giddy.


This year my goals are broken into four different sections. Personal Goals. Business Goals. Blogging Goals. Photography Goals.

I’ve got them all written in a notebook (a brand new one, at that) to keep myself in check. But isn’t accountability supposed to one of the best ways to make sure you stay on track with things like this?

Personal Goals
  • Get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. As of right now I’m only about 13 pounds shy of that number. Ideally I’d like to lose those 13 pounds and then an additional 10. That would get me back to my goal weight. And I’d be satisfied. However…fitness isn’t about the numbers to me. So if I never see that number again, that’s fine. So long as I’m healthy and in shape. (And back in a size 8 jeans.)
  • Read More. I love to read. Nothing relaxes me more than a good book that I can lose myself in. While I’ll never be able to read 52 books in a year (at least not until the boys move out and I can sit and do nothing but read all day), I’d love to read at least one or two per month. I downloaded the Kindle app on my phone (already have it on the iPad) so that I can read at night while I’m up nursing. Any recommendations on what to read?
  • Run a 5K. Last year I started the Couch to 5K training and loved it. Once I get the okay from my doctor to ease back into training, I’d love to be able to run one before the year is over.
  • Write in my journal at least once a week. I share a lot here on my blog, but I do have a regular journal. As of late, I haven’t been very good at keeping it updated. My goal is to make more time for that this year.
Photography Goals
  • Become a Clickin’ Mom ProThis is my big goal for the year (photography wise). My big, big one. The ladies that are CM Pro’s are remarkable. To even be considered good enough to be listed among them would be a huge honor. If I could just finish getting my portfolio together, I’d be ready to bite the bullet and apply.
  • Take an Online Class or Workshop. I  have my eyes on a few workshops that Clickin’ Moms offers as well as an online workshop geared specifically toward photographing boys.
  • Take monthly photos of the boys together. I was really bad at taking monthly pictures of Noah (then again, I wasn’t into photography when he was  baby like I am now). I’m determined to take at least one really good, posed photo of the boys together every month. And…I’d like to keep up with Jonah’s monthly updates as well.
  • Take more photos of myself with the boys. I have a lot of photos of my kids. And I have a good deal of pictures of them with their daddy. But not a lot of them with me. That needs to change.
  • Buy another prime lens. I really want an 85 mm. And…if I can justify it to my husband, I’d love to go full frame this year and splurge on the Mark iii. We’ll see, we’ll see…
Business Goals
  • Create and sell at least FIVE pre-made WordPress themes.
  • Create and sell pre-made branding packages and logos for photographers.
  • Cut down on my hours so that I can explore and create other things (like photographs) and spend more time with family.
Blogging Goals
  • Reach 1,000 RSS/Email Subscribers. I’m at 790 now. Surely I can hit this number before 2014 is upon us, right?
  • Reach 1,000 Facebook Fans. Again, I’m at 629 now.
  • Start a Newsletter.
  • Work with companies/brands that I support.
  • Have some of my writing published elsewhere (BlogHer, Huffington Post, etc.)

I have some other goals (especially goals pertaining to photography and business), but these are the ones at the top of my list this year. Obviously we have goals as a family as well. Like taking a trip back to Alabama to visit family. And, if things go like we hope, taking a vacation to Hawaii in the Fall with some friends.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? What’s on your “want to achieve” list this year?






  1. says

    I love my prime 85mm… Great for outdoor photos where there is ample space. It doesn’t work so well with children in the open (they run and you’ll be a distance away), but the bokeh is stunning. Good luck with the CM Pro effort – – you’re destined to join a great group of ladies.

    And with the blog designs? No doubt you’ll sell those premades quickly.

  2. Bonnie says

    Those are some pretty attainable goals! Good luck on reaching them!

    CMPro is one of my goals for this year, too. I’ve started a Flickr album and when I get ready to apply, I’m going to shut my websites down until the review comes back. I don’t plan on applying until the fall though.

  3. says

    I love how you broke down your goals based on the different areas of your life. I’m not a resolution setter either but goals are always good and they can always be modified and tweaked along the way as you grow or realize new interests.

    I may be able to help you with publishing your writing elsewhere. You should email me when you feel ready to do that. I know you have your hands full with your newest addition to the family, but we should talk when the time comes and you’re up for it!

  4. Maris King says

    I like you. Instead you are having a New Years Resolutions you are planning, dreaming at the same time goal setting that is perfect!

  5. says

    Whoa that’s a big goal list! Way to write them out and I love how you’ve grouped them. I think I think I need to work on my goal setting skills – lol! You can totally rock the 5K this year! I’m thinking of upgrading to full frame this year….ahhh! It’s so much money it’s a little scary!

  6. says

    Resolutions aren’t my thing either. I’m much more goal oriented. I love the ones that you have here. And the fact that they’re written down somewhere? Great idea! It definitely helps to keep you accountable. I have had a list in my head the last few weeks, but maybe it’s time to write mine down too.

    Good luck with this! I know you can do it!

  7. says

    You just made me feel incredibly lazy! I need to set some bigger and better goals for my blog or it is not going to go anywhere and I actually do want it to go somewhere. Where? I’m not sure but I do want to grow my blog. Thanks for the kick in the bum! I hope you succeed on all of your goals!

  8. Mandy@a sorta fairytale says

    Love your goals!! I have always wanted to run a 5k, but I am just NOT a runner. No matter how hard I try. So I will have to find other ways to exercise and lose weight. Hopefully we can both be closer to our goal weight by end of March 🙂 I also was a full frame this year, hoping for my Birthday! 🙂

  9. says

    Those are some great goals (: I especially like your photog & personal ones. Mine are very similar! According to the scale, I’m only 20lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight but honestly, I weight lift these days and muscle is heavier than fat so I don’t see the numbers changing too much as I continue. As for running? Hubby and I do a two mile loop in our neighborhood two to three times a week and I usually have to walk at some point. And today he went and signed us up for the 2014 Honolulu Marathon (in December). He’s crazy! I guess that’s his goal for me, not my goal for me.

    Last year, I planned on doing 52 books in a year. I think I read twelve. :/ But! I’m committing to taking 52 new photos of strangers & volunteers who want to model for me once a week, for free. At the end of the year I’m publishing the book, with interviews of the models and notes about each shoot experience to accompany the photos. I’m calling it 52 Faces, and I hope you don’t think I’m ripping you off. It just seemed to fit for the concept. lol. On top of that I’m doing a photo a day thing for the children and myself. We’ll see how long -that- lasts. 😉 Finally, in regards to blogging, I quit in 2012. And just kind of bounced around social media (got really addicted to Pinterest and Tumblr there for a while) but I’m going back to basics and just committing to post three times a week, and read at least five posts by others on those three days. If I set too high of goals for myself, I find I set myself up for feeling frustrated and give up altogether.

    Also, if you should come to Hawaii? Coffee, on me. (:

  10. says

    I think it’s great to write down your goals – it keeps you on track and accountable, yes?

    Good luck with everything, I know you can do it!

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