Jonah: 7-8 months

I have sucked it up with keeping things around here updated on Jonah’s month to month progression. Between our vacation and work and life in general, blogging just slips my mind. The only quiet time I have is late in the evenings and usually I’m too tired to sit down and fool with writing a post. The last update I did on Jonah was at five months. This little guy has grown SO much since then.

15 Sitting sinkbath

He had his six month well child checkup at about 6 1/2 months since we were on vacation when he actually hit his six month mark. He weighed 19.1 lbs and was 27 1/2 inches tall (75th percentile on height and weight) and had a head circumference of 18″.

dayfour-9 dayfour-6

He can say mama, dada and even bubba  most days, though I’m going on record to say that “mama” was his first word. He uses it very frequently when he’s angry or upset or just wants someone to pick him up.

He’s eating three square meals a day with some snacks in between. As far as nursing, we are almost at 8 months now of exclusively breastfeeding. We’ve started giving him a cup during the day some, but he much prefers to just chew on it rather than actually drink what’s in it. He only nurses a few times during the daytime now; usually just before his morning and afternoon nap and then before bedtime. Occasionally if he’s really cranky or doesn’t feel good, he’ll nurse more often, but he’s pretty sparing during the daytime. No real talks on weaning yet. I’m going to try to make it to the one year mark (just so that I can look back and say that I did), but if he weans early on his own, I’m not going to stop him.

two Vacation (Week 2)-3

Did I mention that he’s crawling? That just started yesterday (July 8). He decided to take off after a plastic ring and he hasn’t slowed down. He’d been scooting around a bit lately, but as far as actually crawling? He just decided it was time. And now he’s everywhere. He’s still slow and doesn’t go very, very far, but I can already sense that he’s getting brave. And really curious about everything around the house. It’s time to baby proof for sure.

His favorite person is still his brother. He absolutely idolizes Noah. I mean, adores the ground he walks on. It’s unreal. The first person he looks for in the morning when he wakes up, is his brother. He scoots after him and crawls behind him. He loves to play with him and really just enjoys watching him play.


He hasn’t started trying to pull up on anything yet, but he’s got really strong legs, so I expect that will be coming soon enough. Right now, he’s just working on mastering the crawling.

We’re starting to slowly work on transitioning him from our bed at night to his own bed. We were putting him in the Pack-and-Play, but  he was never comfortable in there. No matter how many blankets I put down and how much I tried to pad it, he just didn’t sleep well. We moved his crib into our bedroom this week, so I’m working on getting him accustomed to napping in his bed and then we’ll work on night time sleeping. I don’t mind snuggling him at night, so that’s not a huge problem. But, I do worry about him napping in our bed now that he’s crawling. No amount of pillows will keep a moving baby from the edge of the bed.

seven four eight



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  1. says

    Aw, he’s adorable, I love all the pictures!
    They do grow so fast. My little guy is 14 months old now, and walking and saying real words. If I blink, they’ll be teenagers.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh what I have to look forward to when we finally have another. Due to the remote orders we have put baby plans on hold. I love that your youngest is so ing love with Noah.

  3. says

    It does seem like he is getting big so fast. I love the bath in the sink. I was shopping with my daughter this week and she told me we did not need a bath tub for the new baby because we have a sink. I love the way she thinks

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