Jesus > Religion

First, let me say that I am completely and totally humbled by the amount of reads, shares and comments that I received on my post about not being a "Christian" anymore...based on the churches idea of Christianity. Seriously you guys. I am so beyond grateful that so many of you felt that this post was worthy of sharing. But, I felt the need to clarify something... I am still a devout believer in Jesus Christ... In the trinity... In the crucifixion... and in the resurrection. Jesus Christ is  son of the ONE TRUE GOD. In case you overlooked it, or in case it got buried, I simply don't do RELIGION. I don't buy into the idea that you can only go to church if you are dressed a certain way, drive a certain kind of car, etc. I don't believe that you have to be dressed to the nines to worship the Lord. I don't believe that you eve have to be inside of a big, beautiful building with stained glass windows and crimson carpet that is supposed to symbolize the blood of Christ. All of the semantics...the 'rules' about going to church and worshipping God take away from ... Keep Going


Supreme Court or Supreme God?

I’m just going to dive in and say it… The Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday was monumental. No matter which way you look at it, which perspective you take or from whose “side” you are on. I have friends of every sexual orientation. One of the groomsmen in our wedding was a homosexual. I remember family members “threatening” to not attend our wedding if we were insistent on having a “gay guy” standing in the church when we exchanged vows. We chose to have him stand with us anyway. And the church didn’t burn down nor did lightning strike him dead. I sat beside a guy in college for three semesters who was homosexual. He wanted to be an editor and had the most intellectual understanding of British Literature that I’ve ever heard. My cousin, who’s a few years younger than me, is homosexual. He’s a paramedic and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. Placing the label “homosexual” on someone doesn’t mean that they are any less loved by Jesus Christ nor that they are incapable of receiving His love. Jesus Hates Sin He doesn’t hate people. I’ve said it before, I am the ... Keep Going

God Doesn't Hate Bristol Palin

I Was Pregnant Before I got Married

I'm going to get on my soapbox and stir the pot a little bit today. I'm pretty good at that and I really try hard to be as unbiased and non-judgmental as possible. But, hot topics and debates leave me thinking...and pondering...and itching to share my opinion. Because we are all entitled to one of those, and I personally and wholeheartedly love a good debate with people who don't always see things the same way that I do. We live in a free country and good, healthy, NON-ILLEGAL and riotous debate is good for the soul. And it leaves people with new positions and opinions to think about. Right now, I want to talk about Bristol Palin. I'm  not going to get started on whether I am for or against abstinence or anyone's decision to embrace or encourage abstinence. The fact of the matter is, my testimony is out there for anyone to read; I'm not ashamed of it. Nor am I ashamed to admit that I was pregnant with our oldest son before I got married. There. I said it. Anyone who can do math would have known that, but let me just throw it out there in case it's one of those things ... Keep Going


I Don’t Do Religion

I'm about to confess to something. I promised myself that I would always be honest here. Any writer, no matter how 'professional' or what-have-you they are, should strive to maintain a constant sense of honesty and integrity. Integrity is a big deal, no matter if you're running a business or teaching your kids. So I want to keep that sense of honesty going here on my blog. So here we go... I'm not good at the Christianity thing. There. I said it. Now let me elaborate. I make a lot of mistakes. A lot. More than I should. I'm sure by now most of you have probably read my testimony, so you know what kind of things I have battled in the past. Alcoholism was a big, huge, major problem in my life when I was 17. So was promiscuity. I knew Jesus, even then, and still made mistakes. Those big, obnoxiously huge, mistakes. Some things don't change. Because I still make those same kind of mistakes. Not in the form of alcoholism and promiscuity, but in the sense of the 'big, obnoxious' terminology. I yell at my kids. Both of them. Even the two year old who honestly isn't ... Keep Going

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June 19, 2025

I'm taking a Life Coaching class right now online with Liberty University. I'm less than 80 hours away from my Bachelor's Degree (I've been out of High School almost 11 years now, so it's about time). I have to say, I thought Counseling was what I enjoyed, but this Life Coaching class has rocked my socks off. My homework assigment for last week was to write a 10 Year Letter...a letter to someone important to me outlining all of the things that I envision happening over the next ten years. The purpose? To write freely and help you figure out what it is that's buried deep down in your heart. For whatever reason, I felt led to share it with you. Maybe one of you out there in cyber space world is trying to figure out what you want out of life. Give this exercise a go. I had a blast with this one. And it absolutely put things in perspective for me.   Ten years ago I wrote you a letter. Gave you a list of goals and ambitions and hopes for the future. It’s time we discuss that letter. When I sat down to write it, I was a crossroads in my life. One where I felt like I ... Keep Going


Currently in June…

Reading... What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren and Move On by Vicki Courtney Playing... get ahead on work and class assignments before my mother-in-law and brother-in-law arrive next week. Watching... Criminal Minds! Josh and I have been binge watching for a little over a month now. We're currently on Season 8...debating what to watch when we finish. Trying... to make time to post on this little ole deserted blog more often. I forget how much I miss writing until I sit down and force myself to do it. Cooking... not a whole lot these days. Between Josh's work load and mine (school + working two jobs) there really hasn't been much time for cooking. Eating... relatively healthy! I have a smoothie once or twice a day. I've cut out most processed everything (with the exception of Josh's birthday cake this week and the occasional Chick-fil-a Sweet Tea) and I've taken a liking to spinach and chicken salads. Drinking... water, water, water. 70+ ounces a day. Totally loving the Water Balance app! Calling... No one. I don't do phone calls y'all. Unless it's Lauren. ... Keep Going


What’s your “Thing?”

You know...that thing. YOUR thing. That little (or maybe it's big) sin that you can't let go of. The one thing that you feel like keeps your from God and from really and truly sensing His presence in your life. Because we all have one. Every single one of us. For some it's vanity. For some it's lying...being afraid to admit the truth to yourself or to others for fear of what might happen if you do. Maybe it's food...maybe you can't kick the junk food habit and it's starting to become evident that you're struggling with it. Maybe you're in deep with the bigger things. Maybe you're a woman who struggles with pornography and you feel isolated because "society" makes out like porn is a man's you hide it. Maybe you've had or are in the midst of an affair...either emotional or physical. Maybe it's something else completely. I'd love to sit back and tell you that I didn't have one of those issues. That yes, I sin. No, I'm not perfect, but that I didn't have a "big" thing in my life that held me back. Oh, how I would LOVE to be able to say that. But, I can't. I've promised ... Keep Going


Frankly my Dear…

Someone told me once upon a time that I would start to “figure life out” the closer I got to 30 years old. Or maybe is was Carrie Bradshaw… Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks. Well…I don’t know that I necessarily have life “figured out” or that I could even look back and say that I “enjoyed myself” the way that a lot of people do in their 20’s. I did all of my partying right out of high school. But regardless…I was making a point… Figuring it out… Closing in on my 30’s… Oh yeah…my point… I have reached the point in my life where I’m learning to not care what other people think of me, my choices and the way that my family and I live our life. (Actually, I’d more or less quote Rhett Butler here, but I won’t. I think you catch my drift.) I woke up the other day, my babies in the bed beside me still snoring, and smiled. My husband’s still damp towel hanging over the shower curtain, a reminder that he was up and going first thing to provide for our family. The fan was whirling and I washed ... Keep Going


I Don’t Want to be a “Christian”

I ran across this video on Facebook Friday night. Around 11:30. I had just posted a status update about finally clearing out my inbox...managed to answer and reply to all of my email, file what needed filing and finally delete some things that were just taking up space. I'm down to two remaining emails, y'all. I feel liberated. I was headed to bed, but I got sidetracked looking at one of my college roommates recent wedding photos. Don't you love how Facebook allows us to see glimpses into people's lives when we can't be near the people we love? with any social media site, I somehow started jumping around from profile to profile; reading stalking and looking at photos, when a video caught my eye. I don't do YouTube videos too terribly often, but this one got my attention. I've placed it below. Take a second to watch (it's 3:00-ish minutes...I'm sure you can spare it and it's worth it). Preach. Josh and I have talked about this very thing time and time again in our lives. This is a topic that gets me fired up and ready to start shouting. If I'd been in the room ... Keep Going