When Things get Hard

When Things Get Hard
(and you don’t know if God is listening)

There are times in life that, well, just suck. People get hurt. People pass away. Stress takes over. Kids get sick. Your heart gets broken. Things just don't go like you want. It's hard. Y'all it is really, really hard. When you have this goal...this dream...this hope in your heart and on your mind and then it just falls apart right in front of your eyes, it's very easy to question where the good in the world is. Sometimes life is just so hard. You have things you want to do. Places you ... View the Post


Doing the Obvious

Did you guys know that we live in a politically correct society? One in which we can not, should not, dare not offend anyone. You can't say "hey guys" to a group of dudes standing around because what if one of them doesn't "identify" as a guy? That would be offensive. I am not supposed to carry my little boy into the bathroom with me (depending on where you go in which we tend to avoid those places) when we are out shopping or running errands because someone may deem it "inappropriate" for ... View the Post

dear special needs mom

Dear Special Needs Mom

I watch you from across the waiting room. You smiled politely at me when you walked in just like I did you. You arms are abundantly full as you carry not only your personal bag, but also a diaper bag for your infant and a second, much larger bag, for your special needs son. I watch as you soothe your little girl in your lap. She's tugging on the pink and white polka dot bow you have in her curly brown hair. I used to ache for those kind of curls. I don't know what her daddy looks like, but ... View the Post


No More Witnesses

How am I supposed to trust a God that I can not see? How am I supposed to believe in someone that I can't hear? How am I supposed to surrender to a person who I can't touch? If you're a believer in Christ, those questions spark one of two reactions: Yes. Amen. I've been asking this question for years. I thought I was the only one. Ummm....duh. That's what faith is. How can you be a believer if you don't understand that? I fall into a somewhere in the middle category. One the one ... View the Post


If we Really Believed

It's really easy to believe in God when everything in life goes the way you want it to. We have this mentality that we can have it all...do it all...be it all...and as long as we feel like we are living up to that, then we don't really have much need for God. Likewise, us "Christians" are the first ones to doubt God's goodness and His Character and who is really is when things are working like we think they should. It's a common misconception that God does what we want, when we want to earn the ... View the Post


The Lens of Love

There is something special about little kids. About children in general. I believe, wholeheartedly, that that is why Jesus was so insistent that we become more like the children... And he [Jesus] said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (src) There is just something wonderful about their innocence and they way their little minds work. At times it is really funny and then, there are the times in which it can be down ... View the Post