2013 in Review

Okay. So I’m a little behind on my posting (say 6+ months behind). And I’ve been completely MIA for a while. But for some reason, fitting blogging into my schedule isn’t as easy now that I have two kiddos, a husband, a business to run, and I’ve decided to go back to school part time. My goal for this new year is to make time once or twice a week to post. I know that I will regret not posting as much for 2013 as I have in previous years since I use this blog as a yearbook/baby book of sorts.

Now that 2013 has to a close and 2014 is well underway (is it the 15th already?!), I thought I should do a little recap of what happened around here in 2013. And since “around here” has been pretty bare, what I’m really saying is that I’m about to show you 12 or so of my favorite photos from the last year.


2013 was a pretty good year for our little family. Noah fell into his role as a big brother and is probably one of the BEST brothers any little boy could ask for. Jonah idolizes him. I hope the bond that I’ve watched grow this last year continues to get stronger as they get older. My sister and I weren’t that close growing up and I want so badly for these two to get along and become best friends throughout their childhood.

We are now on our last leg of life in Kodiak and found out in December that we will be moving to Wilmington, NC in the summer. We’re beginning the process of weeding through all of our things and cleaning out the extra. We still don’t have a “for certain” moving day yet, but we know it’s coming, so we’re trying to get as ready as we can.

I went back to school last fall to finish up my degree. I’m going through Liberty University to get my degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling. I’m still working and running my business, but looking forward to having that beautiful college degree with my name on it someday. I’m looking to add new skills to my business (hand lettering, calligraphy, pre-designed cards and prints) in 2014.

All in all 2013 was a good, but busy year. We’re looking forward to all that 2014 has in store.



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  1. says

    What a truly great year for you and your family, Courtney. Your pictures are gorgeous as always.

    May 2014 be even more amazing!

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